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      "Never mind the sequence of the 'but,'" said his uncle, smiling, albeit a little gravely;"I am aware that the road from Bergan Hall to Oakstead is not so smooth as could be wished. I"there was a slight hesitation, as if a colder phrase had been sought, and not found,"I am glad that you were able to surmount its difficulties so soon. A letter from Eleanor!" he went on, with a sudden change of subject,"that will be a treat indeed! I take shame to myself that our correspondence has fallen into such desuetude. But what one ever did survive the lapse of forty-two years, without the reviving impulse of an occasional meeting? I hardly dare venture a question about my sister's family, lest I make some terrific blunder. I am not even sure about the present number of her children.""GONE DEEPER THAN ALL PLUMMETS SOUND."

      Martin Disney laughed at the lover's impetuosityand told him that he should be allowed to bring so much and no more into settlement. Allegra's income was less than two hundred a year, a poor little income upon which she had fancied herself rich, so modest is woman's measure of independence as compared with man's. It would be for the lawyer to decide what proportion the husband's settlements should bear to the wife's income. Father Rodwell had given Colonel Disney an introduction to a solicitor of high character, a man who had occupied an excellent position in London until damaged lungs obliged him to seek a home in the south.

      She looked a bright and happy creature as she stood on the mule-path in the olive wood, waving her hand to them as they went awayAllegra riding a donkey, the two men walking, one on each side of her bridle, and the guide striding on ahead, leading a second donkey which was to serve as an occasional help by-and-by, if either of the pedestrians wanted a lift. Her cheeks were flushed with walking, and her eyes were bright with a new gladness."Then I will save my scolding until it is needed. It seems little less than miraculous to see you here," he went on, turning to Mrs. Arling, "when I think how things seemed to be going, a few weeks ago. It has been a hard pull, and a long one."

      Hubert looked half incredulously into his eyes, but there was no resisting the strong confirmation of their quiet, steady, answering gaze.

      "You'll dine with us to-night, I hope," said the colonel. "We shall be very low if we are left to ourselves.""Don't say you're sorry to see an old face again, Mrs. Disney. I told Mr. Martin that if you should ever be ill and want nursing I'd come to nurse youif you were at the other end of the worldand Mr. Martin wrote and told me you wanted an old servant's care and experience to get you over your illnessand here I am. I've come every inch of the way without stopping, except at the buffets, and all I can say is Rome is a long way from everywhere, and the country I've come through isn't to be compared with Cornwall."


      Bergan knelt by his mother's side. "My dear mother," he whispered, "you know it is not for the sake of my business that I am anxious to return, as soon as I may. I must see Carice, and satisfy myself that nothing is amiss."


      She looked down and made no response."Your walls should be deaf," answered the doctor, looking at him suspiciously; "you live alone, do you not?"